Mallet percussionist DON MOORS began his career as a drummer in the Boston area. In 1961 he moved to New York as a vibraphonist and came under the influence of RANDY WESTON, the renowned pianist and composer. This tenure with Weston completely altered his musical direction from Jackson/Tjader type stylist to an angular, percussion oriented player with an emphasis on rhythmically thick African, West Indian and Brazilian material.
In the mid 60's he returned to Boston to complete his education at the Berklee College of Music. During this period the first Jazz quintet was formed with saxophonist Charles Owens. This group, and its later incarnation with Junior Cook replacing Owens, toured extensively in the Northeast and Canada.

Don moved to California in 1970, settling in the Bay Area. Subsequently he formed the group JUMP STREET in San Francisco. This band became a local phenomenon during its nearly three year residency on Union Street by being on the cutting edge of the then new fusion movement. It was during this period as music director, arranger and leader that Don began serious work as a composer. In the mid 1970's he moved to Los Angeles where he toured with Marvin Gaye, Trini Lopez and Roberta Flack as a mallet percussionist. While resident in L.A. he also recorded extensively for Motown, A & M, Elektra-Asylum and Columbia as a freelance studio player.
In 1984, in conjunction with a music education program he began in Southern California elementary schools, he returned his base of operations to Northern California and has been focusing on the composition of original material. The group he formed in 1989, called DON MOORS AND THEN SOME, recorded twice—once in the studio and once live. Both of these recordings are available from the link above.