Over the years I've been around people who have always - unfailingly - managed to get themselves into a picture with whatever celebrity happens to be in the same room. Usually, the people who do this are minor celebrities themselves or in some position that gives them access. I, as a musician, always thought they were kind of weird, trading on others celebrity to get themselves over. However…, now that I'm trying to put this page together I realize, much to my dismay, how many prominent people I could have taken a picture with over the years. (Not to impress anybody, just for the tangible memories...) When I get back to the states I'll go through all my old photos and pull up what I can - but, in the interim, here's an eclectic assortment of folks I've been around and didn't take pictures with when I could have. I haven't bothered to include the obvious like Roberta Flack & Marvin Gaye (whom I have pictures with somewhere) nor anybody already on my artists page. The rest (in no particular order) are :


I first met Clare in New York when he was subbing in Cal Tjader's band on a tour. I was the band mascot and ran all over New York with them learning the business by osmosis. You haven't lived till you're riding around the Bronx, lost, looking for the gig and nobody in the neighborhood speaks English. But Clare speaks fluent Spanish and saved the day! And, not incidentally, he's one of America's premier jazz composers.

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