Why Rich?

When I first arrived in Sacramento in 1989 and started shopping for players for my new band I heard two names over and over — Aaron Smith and Rich DeFazio.
I found Aaron and he became the first official drummer of the band DON MOORS AND THEN SOME. Rich was busy in Las Vegas and it took us a while to get together.
Finally he returned to Sacramento and I found myself in the enviable position of having access to both of the best drummers in the area.
Aaron moved on to work out of Nashvile and Rich took the drum slot so he and I got together on a more regular basis over the years.I found that Rich and I not only share a love of great music but we're both committed to using modern technology, not to replace but to enhance the creation of the product.It was a natural outgrowth of this mutual mindset that made Rich the obvious choice as collaborator on my new CD, BACK TO THE ISLANDS.
My last release, WITH MALLETS AFORETHOUGHT, while a great product, was lacking in one area. The sense of energy and interplay that a second instrumentalist adds to the performances. The addition of the live drum and percussion work of Rich DeFazio gives the album that extra boost that makes it my best release to date.

We Both Hope You Enjoy Listening To It As Much As We Enjoyed Making It!


Rich DeFazio began drumming at age 7, doing casuals from age 13, performing jazz, latin, R&B, and Top 40.Studied under local teachers and others, such as Mel Brown (who was with Diana Ross), and Murray Spivak in Los Angeles, CA. Jazz band drummer at Sacramento City College (studied for three years under Vern Proctor, as well as Percussion Ensemble under Don Silva), Cosumnes River College, and California State University at Sacramento.He worked with numerous local bands (Sacramento, CA), as well as doing lounge, concert, jazz, and studio dates from Sacramento to the Bay Area. For a four-year period was leader of own band. Toured the West Coast, Las Vegas hotel/nightclub/lounge circuit, across country from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania to Florida, to the Catskill Mountains of New York, working the resort areas with various groups. At Sahara Tahoe, drummer for FIRE and ICE Dance Review, the GARFIN GATHERING and a six-month stint on the French Riviera with an En Vogue/Pointer Sisters type review. Spent nine years in Las Vegas, working for many bands, including THE COASTERS, sister DEBBIE DE FAZIO, SIDROS ARMADA, COCHO ARBY from Peru (keyboardist for Alex Acuna band), BILLY YOUNG (jazz keyboardist) and PAUL TAYLOR (Paul, jazz saxophonist now with the Rippingtons and his own solo act).