What follows are all direct links to pages I personally like.
Some are music related, some are not.
They're subject to change anytime and I'll update them periodically.
Enjoy any or all of them but please come back!

eBay If you ever want to buy or sell anything, this is the place.
Vida Vierra Vida is the wife of my former bassist, Doug Lunn, and a formidable vocal talent in her own right. Check out their recent CD.
Airto One of the most profound influences on my own musical direction- Airto and his wife, Flora are brilliant Brazilian talents.
Sacramento Observer One of the best Black newspapers in America. I learned design and layout working in their graphics department.
Bobby Seale Co-founder of the Black Panther Party and all around good guy, Bobby is still the keeper of the flame.
Ronn Owens My favorite radio talk show host and one of the most eclectic sites I've ever visited.
Malcolm X The most comprehensive site available devoted to the most important Civil Rights leader of the 20th century.
HBO The one reason it's essential to own a TV set. It's not TV, It's HBO.
Jump The Shark If you like TV at all, you'll love this site!
Apple History If you have a Macintosh computer (or have ever considered getting one) this independent site has specific and detailed information on every Mac ever made.
Web Pages That Suck Learn good design by observing bad design. The name says it all.
Dead or Alive? If you've ever wondered about a celebrity in any field, this constantly updated site will tell you whether they're still with us.
ChangingLINKS.com This is a fun site. It sends you to randomly selected links. Some are great, some are nonsense, but always interesting. Check it out.