Don and Rich are currently working long distance (thanks to the wonders of the Internet and modern technology) on a new CD to be released later this year.

BIO (continued)

Spent one year as drummer and vocalist in the Emerald Room at Harvey's Casino, So. Lake Tahoe, for the "Full-Body Rock" show, with Julie Renn and Scott Thomas, producers. Spent one year with Howard Garfin (jazz saxophonist and percussionist). Small eclectic ensemble with a latin flare. New York, Florida and Nevada casinos. Drummer and vocalist on the Hornblower , Lake Tahoe, CA for approximately two years. entertaining passengers and creating a memorable cruising experience aboard ship daily with a contribution of a colorful and inventive jazz-influenced drum style. Rich also orchestrated the music. Rich DeFazio has been the recording drummer on 8 CD's for such artists as James Vincent-two CD's (Los Angeles), Lovelace Watkins (Australia), Rocky Sleight (San Diego), Dave Lynch (New York), Steve Krohn (Fort Bragg), and, most recently, with Don Moors (The Caribbean) and Jimmy Malone (Sacramento).