Randy Weston

African music and American jazz were two separate entities until pianist Randy Weston came on the scene creating a unique and seamless amalgamation that is distinctly his own.
Randy Weston was born in 1926 in Brooklyn, NY and first took piano lessons because his mother wanted to keep him off the streets.
He had found his calling. He took to it so well that in 1953 he was voted Downbeat magazine's "New Star of the Year".
Because of his physically huge size (he's 6'8") and angular style he was described by George Shearing as "a civilized Thelonious Monk."
Everything fell into place when, in 1964, Randy took a sextet on a tour of Africa under State Department auspices. He was home at last and he never quite returned.
Randy currently maintains two homes: Brooklyn, NY and Rabat, Morocco. He tours extensively in Europe and Africa as well as the United States. Listening to Weston perform his original compositions is like taking a trip through the motherland. Harmonically rich and rhythmically thick, the music has a hypnotic quality than involves and transports the listener to another time and place.
Randy Weston is one of our last remaining treasures. His mentors, Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk, are gone - as are many contemporaries - but he goes on, reminding us of a time when music was substantial and meaningful.
If he schedules a performance in your area, drop everything and go.--- You'll be glad you did.

Randy's home page is here

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